Honey on razor edge - Artist talk: Anna Boghiguian

Anna Boghiguian, Honey on Razor Edge, 2015. Photo Peter Cox
Anna Boghiguian

Honey on razor edge Artist talk: Anna Boghiguian

19:30 - 20:30

Positions #2 event

Anna Boghiguians work has struck a chord with many of the visitors to Positions #2. Her honeycomb installation and striking drawings and paintings compell visitors spend a long time in these exhibition rooms. During the Istanbul Biennial 2015 her installation Salt Traders was one of the highlights. Boghiguians drawings, objects, poetry and prose operate both as reflections on the geopolitical conditions in which her subjects live, and as documents of the cities through which she travels.

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the final event of Positions #2 will be a conversation with this interesting personality. Anna will talk about the development of her works from the famous scissors series and her land and cityscapes of Egypt developed in 2001-2003 and  her more recent productions Honey on Razor Edge. Her talk will be staged as part of the ‘Hapiness for Eindhoven’ week.

Anna Boghiguian about Positions #2