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Image Radio Artists Interviews

31/10/2008 - 02/11/2008

These are 1-hour interviews. The interviews are to be more or less conversations between an artist and a curator. We want the interviewer to help put...

Opening: 19/10/2008 19:00

Image Radio Artists Interviews


These are 1-hour interviews. The interviews are to be more or less conversations between an artist and a curator. We want the interviewer to help put the artist's work in context, as it relates to the 2008 theme "Explore your invisible paradise".  The artist is not being asked to prepare a presentation for this.  They are preparing installations for Image Radio, we won't ask them to prepare a presentation too.  Although interviewers should ask the artist to describe their work, hopefully the conversation will include a critical look at the Image Radio artwork, rather than simply have the standard artist presentation (artist's background, inspiration, examples of work & future plans). 



Friday, Oct. 31, 19:00 - 20:00 at TAC

Enschede Medialab director, Wilja Jurg interviews Gijs van Bon

Gijs has 2 collaborative artworks in Image Radio, "Slowed Down" and "EARS".


Title: Slowed Down

Artists: Gijs van Bon, Mander Liefting, Marcel Dolman

Description: Interactive installation

Location: TAC


A spatial aural set-up delivers a wondrous kind of story.   Visitors sit on a stool, put on a hat and get blindfolded. Then the story begins about a boy and a girl in London, a century ago. Depending on the direction the participant turns, a fragment of the story is being told. Several characters and situations finally form a ten minute long story. Slowing down plays a major part in the story.




Title: EARS

Artists: Inge Raadschelders, Gijs van Bon

Location: TAC

Description: Interactive installation


Four white ceramic wall tiles, vaulted like ears on a wall. Visitors who approach and listen attentively, will hear a poem coming out of the tile. Based on the four seasons, Gijs van Bon created four theme forms that triggered writer Inge Raadschelders to create a poem, short story or just a stream of words for every tile. Sensors in the tiles spot when someone approaches closely (about four centimeters) and a MP3 player automatically starts playing a specific poem.



Saturday, Nov. 1,  20:00 - 21:00 at TAC

Virtual Platform director, Floor van Spaendock interviews Danielle Roberts





Title: Eden

Description: Interactive installation

Location: TAC


Behind every face a world of thoughts and emotions is hiding. Eden explores these shielded spaces with high-end proprietary software. Noldus FaceReader software objectively analyses facial expressions. Visitors are confronted with a webcam connected to the FaceReader software. Eden translates the values detected by FaceReader into a dynamic landscape that changes with every minor shift in emotional expression.  This custom software is developed with Adobe Flash CS3 and ActionScript 3. Eden enables you to explore your inner landscape and be confronted with yourself / meet yourself. How will you leave the installation? Happy, disgusted or frightened, maybe just angry, or just neutral, but perhaps pleasantly surprised...



Sunday, Nov. 2, 15:00 - 16:00 at Your-Space (Kanaalstraat 8, Eindhoven)

Anette Schäfer interviews Toby Harris, aka *Spark


Title: KINETXT           

Artists: Toby Harris, Nik Barrera, Adam Finlay

Description: Interactive / participatory installation

Location: Bibliotheek entrance windows


"KINETXT: a novak and *spark experiment. text messaging + graffiti culture + custom code = story telling and art

An interactive environment presenting a story telling canvas, where text messages are projected in a narrative flow amongst live illustration and annotation. At the heart of Kinetxt is the act of interpretation, receiving short pieces of text from the audience and transforming them into an ongoing narrative that in turn inspires further input from the audience. As such, kinetxt is both an installation - of text messaging infrastructure, display screens, animation and so on - and act of performance - the live 'herding' of text messages into a linear "ow, the annotation of that "ow with handwritten prose developments and illustrations. For this performance and main act of interpretation, we wish to work with cultural groups from Eindhoven, such that as well as enabling a conversation with the audience, we will also see a conversation between the public at large and the city, its institutions and culture. We would like to channel Eindhoven's cultural richness into the narratives by for instance working with the library and texts it contains, local historians, writers, poets, graffiti groups, old-age pensioners etc.  




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