in the middle of... - Plug In #20

Plug In #20. Foto Peter Cox

in the middle of... Plug In #20

16/12/2006 - 23/09/2007
Artists: Douglas Gordon, Nina Thibo

This Plug In has been developed as a space for ‘thinking’ about the collection and questioning its role in defining the museum. A single piece from the collection is shown as a particular point of entry into more encyclopedic information and ideas about the collection that is available in the room.

A young writer, Nina Thibo, was invited to respond to the museum with a series of specially created stories. The third element is a wall of newspaper clippings, updated regularly, that brings the world as seen through the media into the museum. This information gives you the chance to think about the “preserved’ collection in relationship to the changing agendas of daily life.

This exhibition will reflect on the following concepts:

reading from both sides / reading from different ways / reading about the collection / understanding more about the collection / learning more about the collection / reading the museum through stories that never defined as either true or imagined / reading the work in a contemporary context / resisting eternity / resisting being a work of art / resisting being a silent art object.

The visual elements in this room are:

the work of Douglas Gordon, the stories of Nina Thibo, in handwritten diaries books and information about the collection, chair/ table/reading light to be able to read the stories, books and the news clippings on the wall.

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