In the vitrines

Open Dossiers: One on One - Historical
22/06/2004 - 24/09/2004

Open Dossiers , as the name implies, is a documentary exhibition displayed in the vitrines showing a selection of material from the Van Abbemuseum's...

In this are archive records gathered since the museum was founded in 1936: it is possible to reconstruct virtually every exhibition through this material.

After 60 years, the archive is a unique source for studying the history of modern art and the history of the museum itself. It documents developments in museum policy and gives an impression of the changes in dealing with art and artists. In addition it gives information on the practical side of organising museum exhibitions (i.e. correspondence, exhibition plans, layouts, press releases, invitations, room plans and remains of educational documentation).

One on One - Historical displays a selection of archive material from exhibitions made from the nineteen sixties to the nineteen eighties. It traces the emergence of the environment and the installation as an art form.