In the vitrines

Gerlach en Koop
05/10/2004 - 13/11/2004

The collaboration between gerlach en koop began with a book. For the exhibition The bewitched of Lake Ontario in 1997 they tried to imagine how a...

That did not go too well and after five attempts they gave up. Yet, as is often the case, the failure was more interesting than the success.

As gebr.genk, uitgevers, they published a book in which the author and title were one and the same, Koop (Buy), about the widespread and difficult to repress desire to see your name in print and what that still means when your name is Koop (Buy).
The publishers also produced a one-page photography magazine for six months: adventure contains only contained photographs used as bookmarks which had been left behind in library books.

For the recent work eh they laboriously copied existing graffiti onto the walls of an exhibition space, which gerlach en koop describe as ‘droopy graffiti’. Laborious effort without any clear objective. The slothful approach may be pointless, but it is not without meaning. On the street speed is the essence for graffiti writers, but with an official invitation in the bag, the same kind of haste is obviously misplaced.

In the vitrines? Not entirely. The general title for the exhibitions in the library is not entirely appropriate this time. gerlach en koop work with various media, including printed matter. Their collection of printed matter, however, can only fill two vitrines at most and not twenty-two. This is why they made the work artbooks (next to the art) especially for the library.