Inass Yassin, Projection edition 1.01 - Screening Failed

Projection.edition1.01 - Al Waleed Projectionist Room
Inass Yassin - Poster Abi Fawk Eshajarh (My Father In The Tree) (1969)
Inass Yassin, installation, Projection Edition 1.01 Screening Failed, the Studio, Van Abbemuseum. Photo: Peter Cox
inass Yassin, outdoor screening, 25/9/10 - Eindhoven
inass Yassin, outdoor screening, 25/9/10 - Eindhoven
inass Yassin, outdoor screening, 25/9/10 - Eindhoven
Inass Yassin, Projection Edition 1.01, Screening Failed

Inass Yassin, Projection edition 1.01 Screening Failed

25/09/2010 - 24/10/2010

In collaboration with Your-space, Van Abbemuseum


Opening and book launch in the Studio, 15/9/10 at 17hrs

Followed by a screening at Lucas Gasselstraat (see link for directions to location), 19hrs

“Abi Fawk Eshajarh (My Father In The Tree) (1969), an Arab film was announced by a poster campaign to be screened at Al-Waleed Cinema on the 12th of July 2010, at 8:00pm in Ramallah & Al-Bireh. Due to specific circumstances the movie was not projected.”

Projection is an on going art project by Inass Yassin that raises questions on the changing space, politics and social values. In relation to the cinema culture in Palestine, this project explores the signs of demolition around a cinema building in the city of Ramallah & Al Bireh And the repercussions of changes to the urban landscape at different levels of the Palestinian society. Can we make simple “the relationship between urban and social change?”

The project produced different editions for local and international exhibitions:
-Projection.edition 1.2010 exhibition, "Ramallah the fairest of them all?”
-Projection.edition 1.01.2010 at Your-Space at Van Abbemuseum
-Projection.edition 2.2010 at The Jerusalem Show in
Partnership with Al-Housh Palestinian Art Court.

Projection. edition 1.01.2010 begins with Al-Waleed Cinema in Palestine as part of a body of work examining modernity and the transformation of urban space and the architecture of the city of Ramallah and Al-Bireh: a change which is both structural and societal. The project aims to shed light on Palestinian cinema culture through the lens of this specific case. Projections traces Al-Waleed Cinema’s multilayered social history, its narratives and visual icons from posters, ornamentations, architecture, projection machines, and other objects, and finally by following the cinema’s demolition up to the point when this work was created.

Projection, 2010, invited the public to attend a projection of Al-Waleed Cinema. During the first edition of the work, posters of the Arabic film:”Abi Fawk Esh-shajara” (1969) depicting the stars: Abd Haleem Hafez, Nadia Lutfi and Merfat Amin, were spread around Ramallah and Al-Bireh, advertising the screening at Al-Waleed Cinema. The poster used was the same as the last poster in the cinema’s display windows before it was demolished. Edition 1.2010 also included a sound installation set in the partially demolished space of Al-Waleed Cinema.

In September, 2010 together with Your-space, Inass Yassin presents a new edition of Projection with a new publication in the Studio of the Van Abbemuseum.

Inass Yassin born and lives in Palestine. Yassin is producing a body of work that deals with concept of transformation on a private and public scale. Her field of research involves spatial and social change and the manifestation of these using different media such as paintings, photography, and video. She has showed her work in Palestine and abroad – New York, Leipzig, Oslo, London, Dubai and Amman. In addition to residencies in Brazeirs, UK 2006, Makan ,Jordan 2008 , and Citadellarte, Italy 2010 she has also worked as a Coordinator for CAMP (Contemporary Art Museum Palestine) with the Al-Mamal Foundation, Jerusalem and Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven.