Inside Out

Foto: Niek Tijsse Klasen
Foto: Niek Tijsse Klasen
Foto: Niek Tijsse Klasen
Living museum atelier
Samenwerking Robbie, Jahmal en Maddy
Samenwerking Piet en Rik
Samenwerking Piet en Fleur
Samenwerking Hendry, Lindy en Twan

During Inside Out, the Werksalon in the Van Abbemuseum gives room to a collaborative project between Summa College students from the Social Work program and NEOS clients and stories from artists of The Living Museum. Often unknown stories that get a stage here. With Inside Out you are challenged to postpone your judgment.

NEOS and Summa Collega

Students from the Summa College worked together with clients from NEOS (shelter organization for the homeless). During various meetings (including at the Van Abbemuseum and Neos location) they gradually shaped the special life stories of these homeless people.

For these Social Work students, it is very important to get to know vulnerable groups that they will work with later. During this project they discovered how they can come to meaningful conversations based on (the making of) art.

These encounters gradually resulted in a jointly created work of art, to be seen in the Inside Out exhibition.

The Living Museum

The Living Museum is an open studio for creation and meeting. The artists of The Living Museum often have a background as a homeless person, or are  psychologically or otherwise vulnerable. But that is not what defines them. They are also smart, or funny, or strong, or optimistic, and certainly driven and talented. The artists worked for half a year on the work for Inside Out under the guidance of professional artists from the CKE.

The lively character of the open studio is reflected in the Inside Out exhibition. No static setup, but a studio where a number of artists work every day. With the Van Abbemuseum as an inspiring environment and a place for new encounters with the public. Within these exhibitions, the artists make you experience that everyone is vulnerable, and nobody is invulnerable. Let them take you into their own special view of the world.


On Thursday 6 June (7 p.m. - 9 p.m.) this exhibition will be festively opened by Renate Richters (alderman for social affairs).

A special evening, full of special people, stories and meetings.

An evening full of visual art, performance, literature and a nice drink. That evening, the clients of NEOS and students of the Summa College Social Work program and the artists of The Living Museum are in the spotlight.

Participants from the NEOS Talent Program will also be present on this evening. Writers read from their own work, and the live music is provided by the Overseas Music Cartel from Vaartbroek.

Special collaboration

Within this project, a number of organizations within Eindhoven have joined forces. With this joint project they emphasize the importance of art within society.


This project is made possible by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Noord-Brabant and the Kansfonds. In collaboration with Neos, The Living Museum, Summa College and CKE.

De Werksalon is made possible by the Bank Giro Loterij, Mondriaan Fonds, Promotors Van Abbemuseum, VSB Fonds, and is part of the collection building.