Kim Schoenstadt - Can Control 3: Eindhoven [temporary empire]


Kim Schoenstadt Can Control 3: Eindhoven [temporary empire]

12/05/2007 - 16/12/2007

The project Can Control 3: Eindhoven [Temporary Empire] by artist Kim Schoenstadt consist of a large wall painting for ‘the eye’ of the Van Abbemuseum, and is executed in collaboration with artists from Eindhoven.

Every step in the creation of Kim Schoenstadt’s collective wall painting is captured at the following

Firstly, Schoenstadt invited the Friends of the Van Abbemuseum to send in a word, shape or symbol. She makes a drawing with tape containing references to both modernist architecture and Abel Cahen’s design of the museum. In a third phase local artists are asked to help her with the execution of the received instructions. Once all the words and symbols have been painted and different layers have painted and different layers have been applied with spray cans, she will remove the tape, revealing a new architecture through the drawn layers.

In her recent projects, Kim Schoenstadt (USA, lives and works in Los Angeles) combines her views on architecture and drawings. She distorts our opinions on form and function, technique and image. She uses different graphic methods to achieve this. Could everything be a drawing? Probably not, but through this distortion we look differently at urban models, the landscape in which we move and where we leave our mark every day.