KIOSK for Useful Knowledge: the museum - Live dialogue Nr. 4: Nico Arts and Louis Baltussen

Hannah Hurtzig, KIOSK for Useful Knowledge #3. Live dialogue between IJsbrand van Hummelen and Christiane Berndes. Van Abbemuseum, 2010. Photo Sascia Vos
Hannah Hurtzig, KIOSK for Useful Knowledge, dialogue Brian Holmes and Charles Esche, Van Abbemuseum 2010, photo: Peter Cox
installation view Dialogue nr 1, Paul O'Neill and Annie Fletcher. Hannah Hurtzig, KIOSK for Useful Knowledge, Van Abbemuseum, 2010. Photo Peter Cox

KIOSK for Useful Knowledge: the museum Live dialogue Nr. 4: Nico Arts and Louis Baltussen

18:00 - 20:00

Hannah Hurtzig / Mobile Academy
Room B0-06, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven

Dialogue between Nico Arts, archeologist from the Eindhoven municipality, and Louis Baltussen, head of Conservation at the Van Abbemuseum. Speaking language: Dutch.

Nico Arts works since 1989 as municipal archaeologist of Eindhoven. He studied cultural anthropology at Leiden University and pre- and proto-history at the University of Amsterdam. His most important discovery is the existence of well-preserved ancient human DNA in the soil of the Netherlands, namely in Eindhoven. He is a member of the executive committee of the Convent of Municipal Archaeologists since 2006 and is also a researcher at the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research. He believes that archeology is a show with scientific results, and likes to work with people from completely different disciplines such as designers, engineers and earth scientists.

Louis Baltussen is head of the department for Conservation and Management at the Van Abbemuseum since 1997. This department is responsible for all actions with the collection. He studied painting in Rotterdam and graphic art at the St. Joost Academy in Breda. Next to his practice as an artist, he also worked for seven years for the Grafisch Atelier Daglicht (Graphic Studio Daylight) in Eindhoven where he supported  the Groot Grafiekprojecten (Great Graphic projects) and other artists. In 2009 he contributed to the publication "JCJ Vanderheyden: The Analogy of the Eye" (ROMA edition) with photography and research results.

KIOSK for Useful Knowledge

The live dialogue No. 4 between Nico Arts and Louis Baltussen is the last dialogue of the series of for in the new KIOSK series started by the Mobile Academy at the Van Abbemuseum, called Shadowing Institutions. The Museum is the first object of interest, covered in a series of 2 hour talks with staff members of the Van Abbemuseum and dialogue partners from outside the institution.
These series follow the simple notion that an implicit social knowledge exists in every institution and organisation, which is both known and unknown to those who are working inside this institution. And that this knowledge has to be communicated in order to be effective, both inside and outside of its context.


Other dialogues:

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The first dialogue took place during the opening of Play Van Abbe Part 3, between Paul O'Neill, Paul O’Neill is curator, artist and Research Fellow at Situations in Bristol, and Annie Fletcher, curator of the Van Abbemuseum. This dialogue is on view in the museum (room B0-06) until 25 November 2010.

25 november 2010 - Brian Holmes & Charles Esche

The second dialogue took place between Brian Holmes, culture and art critic and activist, and Charles Esche, director of the Van Abbemuseum. Read more. 

13 January 2011 - IJsbrand Hummelen & Christiane Berndes

The third dialogue was between IJsbrand Hummelen, Instituut Collectie Nederland (ICN) and Christiane Berndes, curator and head of collection at the Van Abbemuseum. Read more.