Klokgebouw celebrates the future

Iris Donker, Atom bomb tits from mars, film still
Musée Manger, Young Art Crowd
Iris Donker, Palo Dulo Canyon 14, film still
Musée Manger, Young Art Crowd
Portfolio Night Young Art Crowd
Portfolio Night Young Art Crowd

Klokgebouw celebrates the future


Different cultures from Eindhoven emerge

May 14th, all Eindhoven residents can enjoy an extraordinary cultural line-up at the Klokgebouw between 18.00h and 04.00h. The cultural world of Eindhoven unites itself to create a programme that contains the city’s DNA: from intimate to exuberant, amazement and recognition, rhythm and disruption and from past to present. By using history, they will be celebrating at the Klokgebouw together with you. This extraordinary Philips’ location transforms into a place where you can see and taste, dance and play, discover and meet.

The programme contributes to the program with the following components:

Musée Manger (18.00 – 20.00 h)
Young Art Crowd, Van Abbemuseum’s collective of young art fanatics, organizes several succesful and sold-out club nights at the Van Abbemuseum. May 14th, Yac changes its location and invites you to eat, look and talk.

Young Art Sight (18.00 – 20.00 h)
In February a portfolio night for young artists took place in the Van Abbe. The curators selected a "best-of" which were presented during the Young Art Night in the anniversary weekend. One of the talents is chosen to provide the Klokgebouw with young, creative energy; this is artist Iris Donker.

Our robot (18.00 – 20.00 h)
Van Abbemuseum will  bring its favourite ‘employee’, the robot, to introduce looking at art interactively by setting up a live-connection between Van Abbe and the Klokgebouw.

Klokgebouw celebrates the Future

The contributions of the Van Abbemuseum are part of the event Klokgebouw celebrates the Future. This programma is supported by: STRP Festival, Effenaar, Bureau Zwaardvis, Van Abbemuseum, Klokgebouw, VPRO Medialab, DIT is Eindhoven, Design Academy, TU/e, Philips Koor, Philips Harmonie, en meer.