Kunstkameraden - Foundation 'de Cultuurkantine'

Kunstkameraden Tom L'Istelle en Binyam, Hassan
Kunstkameraden Sigrid Calon en Joëlla
Kunstkameraden Noortje Haegens en Zhaleh

Kunstkameraden Foundation 'de Cultuurkantine'

24/02/2017 - 19/03/2017
Curator: Marleen Hartjes

The exhibition Kunstkameraden (art-buddies) of foundation De Cultuurkantine shows the art pieces made by children and youngsters, who made the pieces in collaboration with professional artists. The Kunstkameraden worked in the workshops of professional artists from Brabant. The Van Abbemuseum showcases 72 works of art. These pieces are made in the period of 2015-2016 in Breda, Tilburg, Boxtel and Eindhoven. The children and younsters all have a past as refugee or/and have needed help from a diversity of youth organisations in Brabant. A variety of different artforms are practised to give the children and younsters the opportunity to tell their story. The workshop is a place were the children and younsters enjoy full attention and where their creativity can bloom. 

Foundation De Cultuurkantine makes art and culture accessible for children and youngsters. Cultural participation is a way to discover your talents. Culture can be joyful, can foster curiosity and can give direction. Developing personal creativity, showing who you are and what is on your mind has great influence on the development of a child. The positive impact is even more important to children and younsters in disadvantaged positions. Foundation De Cultuurkantine uses projects to make art and culture more accessible for children who are not naturally confronted with this. The participation youth organisations are ASVZ, Kompaan en De Bocht, De La Salle, Combinatie Jeugdzorg, Traverse, Willian Schrikker Groep and AZC Breda and AZC Tilburg. 

This is the 6th time such art project is done by Foundation De Cultuurkantine. However, its only the second time that the artwork is showcased in a museum. Two years ago, January 2014, Queen Máxima herself opened the exhibition is the Noordbrabants Museum. The Van Abbemuseum is proud to host this year's exhibition Kunstkameraden.


The official opening of kunstkameraden is on Thursday 2 march at 4:00 pm at the museum. 


Kunstkameraden consists of :