Lawrence Weiner

Various Manners With Various Things
01/10/2005 - 13/11/2005

'In the Vitrines’ presents a selection of books, leaflets, multiples and invitation cards by the artist Lawrence Weiner (New York, 1940). These...

Weiner dislikes the exclusivity of the closed art world and the importance of pure aesthetics in an art work. He constantly chooses other possibilities outside the autonomous art work to be in the public eye. The democratic aspect of his work is thus encased within its continuously changing form. Only in this way can changes in reality be adapted.
His social awareness led Weiner to decide to place his works within the context of the ‘everyday’ media, media which is user friendly, cheap and, above all, accessible. He places advertisements or puts texts on disc or CD, films them or makes books and multiples. He regards his well-known wall texts as sculptures (sculpted in spirit) which viewers can interpret as they wish.The way the artist uses this media is in step with new developments within it. Thus the appearance of his publications has changed over time from modestly typed booklets to colourful offset printed matter.