Lecture Denise Riley


Lecture Denise Riley

17:00 - 18:30

Denise Riley will share and discuss the slippery notions of envy and shame in writing. Asking what does confessional writing mean, how does it reveal and how does it conceal?

Denise Riley

Riley lives in London, she is Professor of Poetry & History of Ideas at the University of East Anglia. Her books are War in the Nursery: Theories of the Child and Mother (1983), ‘Am I That Name?’ Feminism and the Category of 'Women' in History (1988), The Words of Selves: Identification, Solidarity, Irony (2000), The Force of Language (with Jean- Jacques Lecercle; 2004), Impersonal Passion: Language as Affect (2005) and Time Lived, Without Its Flow [2012, 2019].  Her poetry collections include Marxism for Infants (1977), Dry Air (1985), Mop Mop Georgette (1993), Penguin Modern Poets series 2, vol 10 (with Douglas Oliver and Iain Sinclair; 1996), Selected Poems (2000, 2019), Say Something Back (2016) and Penguin Modern Poets series 3, vol 6 [with Maggie Nelson and Claudia Rankine; (2017). 

The event is organised in collaboration with Maria-Christa Lerm Hayes and Maria Fusco.


17:00 doors open (entrance through restaurant)
17:15 start lecture (auditorium)
18:30 drinks and dinner buffet
20:00 museum closes

This lecture functions as the culmination of the second day of a so-called Writing Assembly at the Van Abbemuseum, in the context of the current exhibition Brian O'Doherty / Patrick Ireland: Institutional Work / Institutional Critique. On the first day there will be a lecture by Pavel Büchler.

Attendance to the lecture is free. Reservations are necessary. All participants are invited to join the drinks and dinner afterwards (free of charge).

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