Lecture Eindhoven City of Light

Lichtstad Eindhoven

Lecture Eindhoven City of Light

18:00 - 20:30
Thursday Evening Open

A new contribution to Who Owns The Street? by Heijmans will open on Thursday 10 November. This will be followed by a lecture given by Rik van Stiphout. The two events are both in response to the theme of  “Eindhoven City of Light”. 

18:00 - Opening presentation

During the temporary presentation, high up in the exhibition Who Owns The Street? the developed and builder Heijmans will show how she gives the parties involved in the environment a voice in the regional development processes and inner city building projects at an early stage of the process. The residents, entrepreneurs, council and the Technical University of  Eindhoven are participating in a practical application of the Lighting Roadmap in Eindhoven to jointly create intelligent and relevant lighting applications in public spaces. How can light contribute to improving the quality of life? Heijmans inspires us by showing us a few innovative examples of her own creations.

19:00 - 20:30 Lecture given by Rik van Stiphout (Eindhoven council)

“Eindhoven City of Light” has had ambitious plans with regard to light for many years. At the Glow Light Festival the council provides space every year for experimentation in the field where light, technology and art come together. Research is carried out into the influence of light on the behavior of visitors at the Stratumseind. Recently the council signed a cooperation agreement with the Philips Lighting / Heijmans consortium. In the nest few years the consortium will use Eindhoven as an innovative testing ground for the development of smart (lighting) applications in public spaces. In his lecture Rik van Stiphout, a Light policy maker for Eindhoven council, will outline how these ambitions and projects will set a course for the future.

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