Lecture Pavel Büchler - What the Cleaners Found

Pavel Büchler. © Jim Harold

Lecture Pavel Büchler What the Cleaners Found

17:00 - 18:30
on Samizdat publishing and the influence on Büchlers Art and Writing

Pavel Büchler will give a public lecture on samizdat publishing and its influence on his art and writing practice. Samizdat was a method of small-scale clandestine production and circulation of literature in Eastern Europe in the 1960 to 1980s that sought to evade the censor and helped to maintain a will to resist intellectual stagnation and hopelesness. Although the samizdat method is now practically outdated, its spirit can still be reactivated as a critical tool in the settings and regimes of contemporary institutions as Büchler has done, for instance, in a set of small publications, What the Cleaners Found, produced while he was working as Head of Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art in the late 1990s. 


Pavel Büchler

An artist, teacher and occasional writer, Pavel Büchler, was born in Prague. In 1981 he emigrated to Britain and lives in Manchester. He writes on contemporary art, photography, film and art education, has co-edited several anthologies of critical writing, and is the author of Ghost Stories: Stray Thoughts on Photography and Film (1999). A selection of his writing since 1986, Somebody's Got to Do It, was published by Ridinghouse, London, in 2016. 


The event is organised in collaboration with Maria-Christa Lerm Hayes and Maria Fusco.


17:00 doors open (entrance through restaurant)
17:15 start lecture (auditorium)
18:30 drinks and dinner buffet
20:00 museum closes

This lecture functions as the culmination of the first day of a so-called Writing Assembly at the Van Abbemuseum, in the context of the current exhibition Brian O'Doherty / Patrick Ireland: Institutional Work / Institutional Critique. On the second day there will be a lecture by Denise Riley.

Attendance to the lecture is free. Reservations are necessary. All participants are invited to join the drinks and dinner afterwards (free of charge).

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