Plug In #52

Lily van der Stokker and guest: Jim Isermann

Plug In #52
16/05/2009 - 01/11/2009

On 20 June 2009 this episode of Plug In. Re-Imagining the Collection opened in the Van Abbemuseum. The episode is called ‘Plug In #52 Lily van der...

Opening: 20/06/2009 15:00
Curators: Christiane Berndes, Kerstin Niemann

The current guest, Jim Isermann, has placed four sets of orange and silver coloured ‘vacuum form’ panels on the wall that reveal only a part of the green and orange plaid wallpaper. Both the wall paper and the panels are dominant, but put together, a positive interaction arises. Van der Stokker and Isermann give meaning to decoration. Decoration can influence the way people experience the white exhibition space. This way the Van Abbemuseum challenges various behavioural rules of looking at art.


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