Lissitzky - Kabakov: family programme

De Globetrotter Express. Ontwerp: Floortje de Boer
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Lissitzky - Kabakov: family programme

01/12/2012 - 28/04/2013

The exhibition Lissitzky - Kabakov, Utopia and Reality has its own special family programme.

> DIY Tour

Lissitzky's Figurines are coming to life! In the DIY tour for the whole family the Announcer and the Globetrotter will take you on a trip through the exhibition. (Free available at the cash register).

<media 5499 - download>Here</media> you can take a look at this DIY booklet


> Theatre Tour

Do you want to meet these striking figures in real life? This is possible during the special theatre tours. From December 23 the Announcer (and the Globetrotter) will take you through the halls. Every Sunday from 11.30 and every first Thursday of the month at 19.30 they will be happy to meet you. (€3,- per person, children under five years free, online registration. Dutch spoken). The theatre tour is realised in cooperation with TICwerk theater in context.


> Family Art Club

Every third Saturday of the month a special Family Art Club will take the place, at 14.00-16.00. All the other Saturdays we still have our Children's Art Club.

(€6,- per person, online registration)


Do you want to know more? Go to our special Lissitzky-Kabakov website: In the exhibition, the two artists present their reflections on the Soviet Union. This website gives multiple perspectives and gives you anintroduction to the Soviet Union. 

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