Lissitzky - Kabakov: school programme

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Lissitzky - Kabakov: school programme

01/12/2012 - 28/04/2013

The Van Abbemuseum offers a broad range of educational activities for schools during the Lissitzky – Kabakov exhibition, for both history and art history. We offer do-it-yourself tours, group workshops and  a special website.

> Website
You can discover the special mobile website at home on the computer, in the museum with your own smartphone or by means of the available iPads. You’ll be introduced to the Soviet era by choosing from the different speakers.
- Social and historical information given by Henk Kern (Russian historian at the University of Leiden)
- A personal perspective through the stories of seven citizens from former Soviet States
- An intuitive introduction via a soundscape, made by music expert Frank de Munnik

We invite our visitors to add stories to this archive with their own experiences and anecdotes.

When you visit the exhibition, do not forget to take your smartphone or tablet (with earplugs).

> Workshops and tours
During the workshops you will get to work yourself and you will get to know the way of working of Lissitzky and Kabakov. Take a tour with one of our guides: they tell you all about the artworks and their place in history. More info:

> Theater tours
From January Lissitzky’s Figurinen will come to life: the Announcer and the Globetrotter take the first and second year students on a journey through the exhibition by a special theater tour. These tours are for families, schools and children’s parties. Don’t miss out! More info and reservation: reservations@

> Do-it-yourself tours
Students from ages 11-14 can use the Globetrotter Express. This is a do-it-yourself tour which emphasizes on cooperation. For the students from ages 15-18 we offer the Travel guidebook for the Soviet Union. Both historical and visual aspects come across, so this Guidebook is interesting for both history and art subjects.

Both tour books are free. Are you visiting us with a large group? Let us know, so we can provide enough tour books for everyone.

Have an online look here: Globetrotter Express and the Travel guidebook for the Soviet Union.

> History and art subjects
Lissitzky and Kabakov were living and making art in a period of time which was very influential for the course of history. Both in the curriculum of history and art history this subject is taught. Do you want to know more about this link to the Dutch curriculum, click here.

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