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Jan Willem Deiman
Jan Willem Deiman

Live cinema your-space

Artist: Albert van Abbe

Live cinema is a relatively new term for realtime audiovisual performance.

At the moment little written theory about this new artform is available.

As the name implies live cinema consists of two elements; the live performance and the audiovisual output. Live cinema is a type of art that relies on moving pictures with sound in a live context.

'Het vleesgeworden videowoord' brings their vision on Live cinema to the van Abbemuseum on the 30th of November. From 15:00 till 16.00 they will present a series of performances in the museum's auditorium.

Het Vleesgeworden Videowoord will present their 'A/V scaping series' and Jan Willem Deiman is invited to present his 'Overpass'.

30 November from 15:00 till 16.00 

entree: gratis

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