Living Archives - collaboration with Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria

Living Archives – Cooperation Van Abbemuseum, Installation view KUB Arena, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Photo: Markus Tretter, © Kunsthaus Bregenz
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Living Archives collaboration with Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria

22/01/2011 - 03/04/2011
Curators: Galit Eilat, Eva Birkenstock

Living Archives is a collaboration between Kunsthaus Bregenz and the Van Abbemuseum.

Living Archives is a collaboration between Kunsthaus Bregenz and the Van Abbemuseum in a joint consideration of the significance of archives and collections building on the experience built up in Eindhoven throughout Play Van Abbe. The museum was invited by the directors of this remarkable Peter Zumthor designed Kunsthaus in Austria to show exhibition models developed here to a new Austrian audience. Taking elements from Van Abbemuseum’s curator Diana Franssen's Living Archive series and from guest curator Galit Eilat's Play Van Abbe Part 3, the exhibition will include works by Michal Heiman, Hannah Hurtzig, and Katrin Mayer. The selection from the Living Archive – an exhibition series that took place regularly at the Van Abbemuseum - has been made to introduce the knowledge constructed through our series. Triggered by the alternative oral histories about the museum and an understanding of museum archives as a treasury of ideas about the future, the Living Archive acts as an active working memory.

The artists Michal Heiman and Hannah Hurtzig, also shown in Play Van Abbe Part 3, offer an introduction to open, processual strategies of collecting and archiving. For Michal Heiman art is literally a field of research. Her work on psychological experiments led her to the Szondi Test. Heiman employed the structures of the test to create her own test, Heiman Test – Experimental Diagnostics of Affinities, which will be conducted during the exhibition. Dramaturge Hannah Hurtzig will present the FCA - (Flight Case Archive), a mobile archive in the form of a capsule in which visitors can watch and listen to an audio-visual archive.

The artistic approaches and the Living Archive open up discussions on contemporary archival practices in general, as well as the possibilities of assembling an archive at Kunsthaus Bregenz.


Thursday 3 March, 7 p.m.

Lecture by Charles Esche (director Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven) & Galit Eilat (curator Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven)