Looking for musicians! - Cover your 80s guilty pleasure


Looking for musicians! Cover your 80s guilty pleasure

26/06/2016 - 18/07/2016
09:00 - 22:00

Take the stage on 25 August

The 80s are back! At least in the Van Abbemuseum they are alive and kicking. Which 80s songs do you sing secretly in the shower? Do you play a beautiful version of Take On Me or are you the only person in the whole region who plays Talk Talk on tuba? It’s about time you show the world what you got! POPEI and Van Abbemuseum are looking for musicians / singers / groups who can turn an oldie into a new goldie. On the evening of Thursday 25 August, the stage is for the best guilty pleasure performers, in the museum.

  • Make a movie or sound recording and send it before 18 July to . If you are with a group of with 2 people, feel free to participate! As long as you bring a new sound to a 80s song.
  • After 18 July we will show all recordings and films on our facebook pages. Our followers can let us know who they think should really be on the stage. Dependant on the number and kind of participants we will make a program for the evening.



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