Lost in art - Theatre tour with interpreter

Foto: Marcel de Buck
children / family

Lost in art Theatre tour with interpreter

13:00 - 14:00
An active family tour for real explorers

Hey psst…. Do you know me? I am Loek, small sign indicating your location in Google Maps.

Through the internet I take you around the world. Now I want to go into the real world to view the Van Abbemuseum with you. I want to take a look behind the art, or feel what it is like when you blow against it, or feel what it does to you when you imitate it.

Because…. I want to get lost in art!

Will you help Loek to discover the art and the world around her?

Are you going to help Loek experience the art and the world around her?

Loek takes you through the collection presentation The Way Beyond Art. The tour is intended for the entire family. The recommended age is 6+, but younger brothers and sisters are of course also welcome. This tour is in Dutch.

On the first Sunday every month a sign interpreter will attend the tour, so the tour will also be accessible for family members who are deaf or hard of hearing.

In collaboration with Theater in Context - Ingrid Duindam and Mirjam Veldhuijzen van Zanten.
Actrices: Rebecca Schoolmeesters and Raisa Melo Fortes. 
Interpreter (every first Sunday of the month): Orissa Oldenburger

Video: Lidewij Meijer

Tickets and reservations

The theatre tour is €3,- per person (without the admission fee), children until 5 years old can join for free.

It is also possible to book this theatre tour for school classes or a children’s party.