Made in Black and White - Photo exhibition

Made in Black and White
guest @ Van Abbe

Made in Black and White Photo exhibition

10/12/2016 - 07/01/2017

In the Studio you can see the photo exhibition Made in Black and White. This exhibition was created by members of a Facebook group called 'Clickclick Community (CCC)'. They share the same passion for creating beautiful pictures. This time the challenge was to show the world in black and white and thereby to turn off the derivation of color in the image, as black-and-white photography provides a way to shapes and lines to emphasize much more and to play with light.

This exhibition is a unique 21st century phenomenon and simultaneously demonstrates the universal tradition of formalism in photography, especially because in the digital photography there are less pictures in black and white.

A special place is set up for the model,s because they are an important part of the creative process and also an important source of inspiration for the photographer.


Peter Kwee, Adri van Daal, Albert Broto, Ana Rukmana, Anna Syahari, Annemiek Jongeneelen, Bonnie Tieleman, Budi Wasisto, Cor Otterspeer, Dennis in 't Zandt, Jaap Vierenvijftig, Edwin Hoek, Elly Hagenaars, Erik Thomas, Frans Nijland, Greetje van Son, Guna Andersone, Henk F. van Diemen, Holger de Nooij, Huub Louppen, Ilona Daris, Jaap Koer, Jan Sleegers, Joanne de Graaff, Johan de Boon, Jonai Tan (CCC.Holland), Ki Tan, Kees Oldenburg, Klaas de Beer, Linda Barentzsn, Maja Mars, Marjo van Balen, Nicole in 't Zandt-Smeets, Paul Woldhek, Peter Tieleman, Peter van der Wal, Truus Nijland, Tamara van Eldik, Violetta Riedel, Watze D. de Haan, Wim van Beekum, Yayang Haryono.