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Make the burka hip

Make the burka hip your-space

Opening: 23/11/2008 14:00
Curator: Freek Lomme
Artist: Joep Königs

On the symbolic value of the veil.

The veil, from Burka to headscarf, is cause of much disturbance. Besides its religious expression, the piece of fabric is being used to express political ideas. Still, for many Muslim females, the headscarf is an extension of their (Muslim) identity. It beholds many connotations and operates over many contexts: food for creative’s it seems!

Artist Joep Königs made the painting ‘Make the Boerka hip’ and designer Cindy van den Bremen designed a line of (sport) headscarves. Both Joep as Cindy will tell about their work, in conversation with Freek Lomme, and speak about their vision, starting points and inspiration. Viviana Daniëls of the Adviespunt Discriminatie Zuidoost Brabant will speak on the broader context and the actuality of the headscarf. 

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