Martin Kippenberger

Tiefes Kehlchen
22/11/2003 - 30/01/2005

During the exhibition the Studio is home to a partial reconstruction of the installation Tiefes Kehlchen, first constructed in Vienna in 1991....

The title is a reference to a popular porn film from 1972. Freely adapting the premise of the film, Kippenberger developed an artistic instrument to investigate his own source and his own hidden inner life. The main features of this piece are a tunnel-like passage, an alter ego in the shape of a dummy sitting in a wheelchair, the minimalist light strip Broken Kilometer – as an amalgam of a minimalist history of art from Flavin and Judd to Walter de Maria – as well as a birch wood and a series of intensely black rubber images.

Tiefes Kehlchen marks an important moment of transition in Kippenberger’s work. The black rubber denounces the earlier flood of pictures as a fetish; the artist’s submersion in the depths of his own unconscious points not only to what has been but also leads into the conceptual spatial structures of the 1990s.