Mindsets by Kola and Lupi - GLOW right through the Van Abbemuseum


Mindsets by Kola and Lupi GLOW right through the Van Abbemuseum

09/11/2019 - 16/11/2019

From 9 to 16 November 2019, for the 14th time Eindhoven will be immersed in light art. From The Source in 2017 and Shadows & Light in 2018, we are now moving to Living Colors as a theme for 2019. What happens when we disassemble the spectrum of light? What colours do we see, where do they lead us? Unlike previous years the route will go straight through the Van Abbemuseum and all GLOW visitors will get to see the museum of contemporary art from the inside.


Mindsets (2019) is the result of a unique cooperation between light artists Kari Kola (Finland) and Alessandro Lupi (Italy). This site-specific work has been developed especially for the Van Abbemuseum in collaboration with GLOW.

Right through the museum

Mindsets offers visitors an immersive visual and organic soundscape experience in three different consecutive stages. They start this captivating journey by entering the museum and following geometrical living sculptures ‘emerging’ from the pond. During the next stage, further on inside the museum building, the space is turned into a luminous atmospheric setting reminiscent of the natural phenomenon of the Northern lights. In contrast to this nightly marvel, the public completes this meditative adventure leaving the museum surrounded by a vivid and floating sunrise.

Glühwein & snacks

During GLOW, Karel 1 serves a varied assortment of drinks and snacks in the Museum Café (Stratumsedijk) and from a food truck in the front garden of the Van Abbemuseum (Bilderdijklaan). Groups can join in for a luxury ‘stamppot’ buffet with an exclusive view of GLOW in the Van Abbemuseum. From 25 people (max. 75 people), from 6 to 7.30 p.m., € 49.50 pp. Information and reservations via +31 (0) 40 238 1062 or info [at] karel1.nl

Film: Ron Eijkman

 Opening hours

Saturday 9 November*18.30-24 hrs
Sunday 10 November18.30-23 hrs
Monday 11 November18.30-23 hrs
Tuesday 12 November18.30-23 hrs
Wednesday 13 November18.30-23 hrs
Thursday 14 November18.30-23 hrs
Friday 15 November18.30-24 hrs
Saturday 16 November18.30-24 hrs

* On Saturday 9 November the artwork in the pond can only be seen from the carpark behind the museum. 

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