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Tentoonstelling Marie-Louise
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MMM-deelnemer Geertjan van der Meulen bekijkt een van zijn objecten in het Doe-het-zelf archief
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Mix Match Museum 6 collections, 6 museums, your exhibition!

18/04/2015 - 06/09/2015

Six museums invite the public to curate an exhibition

From 10 October 2014 six leading Dutch museums invited the public to curate an exhibition. Visitors were able to browse through the collections of the Amsterdam Museum, the Groninger Museum, the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo, Museum Boerhaave in Leiden, Museum TwentseWelle in Enschede and the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven on www.mixmatchmuseum.nl 

The online submission closed on January 10th. From the received submissions, the Van Abbemuseum selected five exhibitions that will be carried out. These exhibitons can be seen from April 18th (at the start of the Museumweek) until September 6th. See below for the selected exhibitions and their respective makers.

‘Future Heritage’ by Anne
"Today is the past of the future: a futuristic retrospect on the here and now. In this exhibition cultural heritage is the main focal point of the trail of the past that leads us back to the present. The visitor is being challenged to trace the trail further into the future and to look back to the present time: which image of the time will be recorded in collective memory? The selectivity of the memory raises questions about the essence of heritage and time. Which elements of the now deserve to be remembered later, and how much will disappear into the gargabe dump of forgotten history?

‘Seeing and being seen' by Annette
"The first piece I saw on this site, was the pink crockery set with photo images on it. Photography is an old hobby of mine. I have taken photos for about 10 year, in black and white, and spent many hours in the dark room. Therefore, the photographic works on these site appealed to me right away, like the photos of Erwin Olaf. However, I thought it would be too limiting to create an exhibition with only photographs. That's why I chose the broader theme of 'seeing and being seen'."

‘The curiosity cabinet of today’ by Geertjan
"Museums arised from the human desire to grasp, own and control all available knowledge. Examples of the 'first museums' are the curiosity cabinets of learned men and the nobility like Aldrovandi and De Medici family. With the discovery of new worlds the available knowledge grew quickly, with the result that the museum goal and the scientific goal separated. Today we live in a society where we know 'everything' and knowledge is available for everyone. The question I've asked myself for this exhibition is: how would a curiosity cabinet (the first museum) look today?"

‘Exclusion - the excluded human being’ by Marga
With the exhibition blog <media 9300 - - "TEXT, Blog gastcurator MMM Marga, Blog_gastcurator_MMM_Marga.pdf, 227 KB">'Show Exclusive'.</media>
How many ways are there to exclude people? We are defined on grounds of gender, ethnicity, class, age, psychic condition, fertility, intelligence, looks, addictive personalities, marital status. And with this comes an increasing pressure to improve yourself, to escape from your confinement and reach a little higher: how much is malleable, changeable, and therefore 'one's own fault?"

‘Women and clothes' by Marie-Louise
"I used to study textiles, that's why the old corset and the new costume by Comme des Garçons caught my eye right away. I really liked the contrast between those two, because you can see the evolution of the costume in them. From these costumes I came to the theme of 'the woman' by coincidence. I've tried to show a little of the female, by choosing clothes and the materials with which these are made of, like the spinning wheel and the spindle. I also show other aspects of feminity, like the physical, the tenderness, and motherhood. As woman, wife and mother of two children I let myself be guided by my own personal feelings for this exhibition."

As part of the Mix Match Museum project, the Van Abbemuseum also has a blog, where the public can have an exclusive look behind the scenes of the exhibitions. You can find the blog here.

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