thursday evening open

Moving the museum

A conversation with Sara Wookey about the Punt.Point.
19:00 - 21:00

Choreographer Sara Wookey talks about her project Punt.Point. Followed by a discussion on how dance can actually set things in motion, also in the museum.


Artist and choreographer Sara Wookey and architect Rennie Tang have developed the self-guided tour Punt.Point as a unique way to experience the exhibition Collection Now. This tour includes a wearable tool-kit that invites the participant to explore different ways of inhabiting the architecture of a museum. Starting point is the relationship between architecture, artworks and the body of the visitor. The visitor is invited to try different positions on a number of marked places and can contribute new positions. This leads to an accumulating collection of re-positionings.
Concept: Sara Wookey and Rennie Tang

Admission is free. Please report at the cash register on the evening itself.
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