Multisensory tour - for the blind and visually impaired

Foto: Marcel de Buck
guided tour

Multisensory tour for the blind and visually impaired

14:00 - 16:00
unlimited van Abbe

Please note: these tours are in Dutch.
A guided tour past the artworks of the museum, for the blind and visually impaired. Participants are allowed to touch the artworks: and they come to life through music, literature and scent. The guided tour is free.

The multi-sensory tour of 8 September takes place in the new exhibition Eyewitnesses of Conflict: Goya, Beuys, Dumas, a poignant exhibition with work by artists who were eyewitnesses of war and conflict. The exhibtion shows how artists from different periods transformed their traumatic experiences, precise observations of injustices and satirical social criticism into powerful images. They provide material for reflection about the conflicts which surround us today. 

Guide dogs are welcome in the museum. If there are still spots that have not been booked, other interested visitors are welcome too.


This guided tour is a part of the Special Guests programme of the Van Abbemuseum. With this programme we want the museum to be accessible to anyone, including the disabled. Special Guests comprises of additional programs, guided tours and modifications, and ensures an enrichment of the experience of art.  The experience of the museum and the artworks with all the senses is not just an additional value for its target audience, but is also a very special contribution of every other visitor, as well. The Van Abbemuseum is for ever curious visitor!

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