Musée Manger - Young Art Crowd


Musée Manger Young Art Crowd

17:45 - 21:00

Van Abbe's youth collective Young Art Crowd is organising a dinner at the Institutional Repurpose room. This youth collective is active in organising events for the younger audience interested in art. They will combine the joy of a dinner with the fulfilment art can bring.

The dinner is linked to a guided tour through the museum and will utilise the Light Therapy Room afterwards for conversation and dining, at which time the impressions of the exhibition can be discussed. We have two conditions: bring yourself and bring some food and drinks! After registration at you can take place at the dinner table after having enjoyed the guided tour. There is a maximum of 30 registrations, so be quick! AND, it's free!

The Young Art Crowd has also been active in organising the Young Art Night; the museum is turned into a night-time-party-atmospher<wbr></wbr>e where exhibited pieces and celebration fused like there was no tomorrow. The Young Art Crowd focuses on the young people between 19 and 30 years old. They have a good sense of what is 'happening' amongst the young people and are able to translate it into concrete events, such as this lively dining-experience. During this night the YAC will also present other upcoming events.

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