Museumkids - The first museum day designed for children

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Museumkids The first museum day designed for children

15:00 - 17:00

The first museum day designed for children

Museumkids, the first museum day designed for children, can also be experienced at the Van Abbemuseum. Artistic children can get creative during a special edition of the Children’s Art Club. Together with a museum teacher a group of children from six to ten years old visit the museum and look at several paintings in the museum. Afterwards they make their own artwork in the classroom. The Children’s Art Club welcomes up to 20 children.

Because of Museumkids the Children’s Art Club will last longer, from 15.00 until 17.00 hours. Moreover, a reduced entrance fee of €2,50 applies. Children’s author and illustrator Harmen van Staten wrote a short story especially for Museumkids, called ‘An empty frame’. This story invites children to make an artwork of their own inspired by the collection in the museum. The children read the story on the ‘Empty frame-color plates’ and make their personal artwork in the empty frame. Afterwards they take a picture and upload it on to have a chance on winning a book package by Harmen van Straaten.

Exactly 99 museums joined Museumkids, a new event in the leads up to the 33rd Museumweekend on April 5 and 6. For an overview of the activities in participating museums please check .