My Thing - Your thing in the Van Abbe during Dutch Design Week?

Mijn ding, onderdeel van Thing Nothing, DDW 2015. Foto Ron Eijkman

My Thing Your thing in the Van Abbe during Dutch Design Week?

28/07/2015 - 01/10/2015

Design Academy Eindhoven & Van Abbemuseum

Just like almost everyone you probably have a thing that you are attached to and that you would never want to lose. It’s not necessarily worth a lot of money, but it has a certain emotional or inspirational value for you.  The Van Abbemuseum and Design Academy Eindhoven are in search of the objects that the people of Eindhoven value – and especially the accompanying story. We invite the city into the museum during Dutch Design Week ; we reserve a gallery called "My Thing" - for these objects. They will be shown next to works by various (inter)national designers and artist in the exhibition Thing Nothing which opens on 17 October 2015. This is the third part of the successful and highly appreciated trilogy of the cooperation between Design Academy and Van Abbemuseum.

Do you want to participate?

Are you from Eindhoven and do you want to participate in this exhibition? Then send in a picture and story about your favourite object to before 1 October.  We will make a selection from all entries.  

Practical information

What to send in?
•    One picture of your object;
•    An accompanying text  (max 200 words) in which you explain why this object is precious to you;
•    Your contact details (name, address, e-mail)

Deadline for submitting: before 1 October 2015.
Submit via
Exhibition Thing Nothing: 17 October – 15 November 2015

All objects will be treated with utmost care when they are in the museum. Participants will receive a certificate of ingestion and after the exhibition they will get the objects back unharmed.

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