NS Try Out Festival

NS TRY OUT festival, 21 t/m 23 oktober 2010
The first two candidates!
one of the first 'travel-artists' at the NS Try Out Festival
the result at 8.15 in the morning
The result at 15.00 in the afternoon
a true artist, NS Try Out Festival
Van Abbemuseum on the move, NS Try Out Festival
Van Abbemuseum on the move, NS Try Out Festival
Van Abbemuseum on the move, NS Try Out Festival

The Van Abbemuseum is participating in the NS Try Out Festival, a three-day cultural festival which takes place from 21 to 23 October in and around the railway station of Eindhoven. The station is transformed into a big festival stage with space for theater, music, film, art, literature, and master classes for young and old. After a successful debut in 2009 at Leiden Central the festival now experiences its second edition. This year in four cities: Amersfoort on 30 September, the following weekend in Groningen and Leiden, in order to end on October 21 in Eindhoven. Several cultural institutions present itself at the station.

The Van Abbemuseum offers the following activities;

Thursday 21/10, 7.00-19.00 uur - Van Abbemuseum on the move
What happens at a busy station when you put a big white canvas on it and let everyone who wants to, paint on it?

Friday 22/10, 14.00-15.30 en 16.00-17.30 uur - Workshop painting
Accompanied by Frank Marcops people joining this workshop, are going, using replicas to work with some important pieces from the collection.

Saturday 23/10, 12.00-14.00 uur - Kinderkunstclub
Using some replicas from the collection from the Van Abbemuseum, kids let their imagination work and discover their treu inner-artist.  

You can find the complete program on www.nstryoutfestival.nl. You can also register for the workshops here.