One on One. Ger van Elk. Push Nose Balance Sculpture - Plug In #42

Plug In #42. Foto Peter Cox

One on One. Ger van Elk. Push Nose Balance Sculpture Plug In #42

19/08/2008 - 01/11/2009
Opening: 04/10/2008 15:00
Artist: Ger van Elk

In this room there is a single work of art and a single chair. The chair is for the visitor who wants to take the time to look at the artwork at leisure.

Perhaps you are looking for the answers to the questions this work of art evokes. Beside the chair is a small cupboard with information about the work of art.

This information can usually be found behind the scenes of the exhibition room, in the library or the archive, and has been brought together with the work of art. This enables you to determine for yourself what information you want to study further and what you wish to combine or compare. There is also a notebook on the shelf in which you can write down your own findings to add to the available information.

“Ger van Elk’s work cannot be easily categorised, beginning with his technique, which is often a mix of various media. He finds his themes within art itself. What is the position and role of an artist? What happens in a picture? How does an image relate to reality? His approach is both serious and humorous. In ‘Push Nose Balance Sculpture’, it is Van Elk himself who twice glides above the plinth, trying to keep the bamboo bow taut. The artist in a precarious position, confronted with himself, faced with an impossible problem? 

For me, the most powerful works of art are those in which new elements can be continually discovered; that grow with you; that repeatedly invite you to re-adjust your point of view. Van Elk is someone who creates these sorts of works.” 

Marjon de Groot

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