Onomato>re>action - Library Exhibition 5 years Onomatopee

5 jaar Onomatopee. Ontwerp: Eric de Haas
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OMP19Desarting Jeroen Doorenweerd, Wouter Scheublin, Lene ter Haar Fotografie Nancy O.
OMP gents
Onomatoplace - photography by Ingmar Swalue

Onomato>re>action Library Exhibition 5 years Onomatopee

20/09/2011 - 11/11/2011
Opening: 02/10/2011 15:00

Exhibition about 5 years of Onomatopee.

A retrospective on 5 years of Onomatopee with: progressive cultural production, dynamic partnerships and (self-)critical citizenship. In mid-2006 writer / curator Freek Lomme and graphic designer Remco van Bladel launched their platform for projects. They invite artists and curators to organise exhibitions and publications. Over 70 projects further on, Onomatopee operates from its own projectspace in Eindhoven with an increasing variety of committed individuals and organizations. Onomatopee wants to stimulate visual emancipation; involve people in the communication of the visual culture in which they live. Onomatopee offers critical insight into the motives and expressions with which politicians and commercial specialists design our public sphere and public space. Onomatopee mediates between the visual and academic spheres that fear a lack of cultural empowerment and the general public that fears the power of an artistic elite.

The exhibition shows a thematic overview of past projects. In a free newspaper Onomatopee, together with others, looks back at the past and glances at the future.

Van Abbemuseum Library
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