Open Thursday Night - Unlimited Van Abbe

Iedere donderdagavond open. Extra programma en daggerecht in Karel 1 museumcafé
Olle Lundin, designer, tour guide Queering the Collection
De Onzichtbare Danser
Still uit videoregistratie De Onzichtbare Danser, door Paul Sixta

Open Thursday Night Unlimited Van Abbe

17:00 - 21:00

Explore the unusual! Join the 'Queering the collection' guided tour or/and the dance performance where you use anything but your eyes.

6.30PM - Queering the Collection: guided tour

Sociologist Alice Venir and Designer Olle Lundin will give a queer tour through the art collection. What power dynamics and representational dilemmas are at work in the paintings? Which taboos and hidden stories do they link to? Is the queerness in the eye of the beholder or is the artist's intention the main interpretational tool? Does an artist with a gay identity produce queer art? Find out more as the tour continues, be ready to question, doubt, and contest. 

8PM - The Invisible dancer: dance performance

The Invisible Dancer is a dance performance which you experience without seeing. Sound becomes tangible and movements crawl under your skin. How do you watch a dance performance when you are blindfolded, or when you are blind or visually impaired? Close your eyes and go beyond the visual experience of dance, and explore! 

Eline van Ark created The Invisible Dance together with blind and visually impaired people, artists and inhabitants of the Amsterdam Transvaal area. Together they explored the possibilities of audible dance. This is how the choreography came together. Accessible for everyone, whether you can or cannot see and everything in between. 

Choreography: Eline van Ark
Dance: Aida Guirro Salinas
Advice: Diane Elshout