P for Performance: There is no such thing as an innocent reading - an event by Read-in* & Maja Bekan


P for Performance: There is no such thing as an innocent reading an event by Read-in* & Maja Bekan


Read-in is the collective effort of instigating instant reading sessions in other people's homes. Initiated in February 2010 in Utrecht, NL by artist Annette Krauss and theatre maker Hilde Tuinstra in collaboration with The Grand Domestic Revolution—User’s Manual by CASCO, this evolving experiment in group reading delves into a process of unusual social activity involving ringing neighbors' doorbells with the request to host the collective reading. Through conceptualizing the permeation of private space and communalising a typically solitary activity, the Read-in practice calls attention to the relationship between the content of a book and the reading of a place, opening up new understandings of the material, affective, and political dimensions of ‘reading together’. www.read-in.info

For the collaboration with P for Performance, Read-in will include research into the library collection of Van Abbemuseum and a special reading session inspired by Bekan’s  (self–help) reading performance with Gunndís Ýr Finnbogadóttir Finding Your Own North Star: How to Claim the Life You Were Meant to Live

* current members of the Read-in research team including Annette Krauss, Hilde Tuinstra, Laura Pardo, Leonardo Vargas, Maiko Tanaka, Marieke Houwers and Marina Stavrou and other Read-iners

Prior to the P for Performance event, guided tour with Angela Serrino, reflecting on Bekan’s project Secret Powers for Identity, Security and Self-Respect in Troubling Time in Het Oog, will take place in the museum at 16.00; followed by Bekan’s working tour in collaboration with Charles Esche.

P for Performance is part of an ongoing project by Maja Bekan, entitled Secret Powers for Identity, Security and Self-respect in Troubling Times. The performative events aim to be an open platform for investigation and to critically engage into the investigation of the artist’s role as a producer and advertiser. One might take various roles – as a performer, participant or spectator in order to contribute to this research. The events envision an encounter of the guests among each other and with the works (performances, imagery/objects, lectures and talks). The participants of this enquiry are invited to take over different positions: whether one is a moderator, explorer, presenter or a visitor to the place.

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