Performance 'Omizutori' - Sachi Miyachi

Sachi Miyachi, The Fall - Transition into the better. Foto Peter Cox
Sachi Miyachi, The Fall - Transition into the better. Van Abbemuseum 2014. Foto Niek Tijsse Klasen

Performance 'Omizutori' Sachi Miyachi


Het Oog (The Eye)

The second performance by artist Sachi Miyachi is inspired by ‘Omizutori’, a Buddhist water festival in Japan. Water is one of the most important elements in many ceremonies in the world. It is believed to contain a mystic force to reach out to all unhappy beings and places. By learning the idea of ‘sacred water’ in Omizutori, Sachi explores how water connects body, society and nature. Omizutori actually comprises an array of ceremonies that has continued each year at Touzai-zi, one of the Buddhist temples in Japan since 752. The actual ceremony takes 15 days and is performed by a select group of eleven monks. Being isolated from the public it strives to benefit all beings by giving a repentance to Budhisattva Kannon who has 11 ‘faces’ which express clemency, angriness, admiration, enlightenment and laughter. She reaches out to those who are in need of salvation, in every part of the world. During this performance several props will be used which Miyachi will give you to take home and perform the rituals yourself.

14:00: welcome drink
14:15: performance
14:45: talk with artist Sachi Miyachi

Performance 11 january 2015

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