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Plakboek your-space

18/10/2008 - 26/10/2008
Curator: Freek Lomme
Artists: Erosie, space3, Erwin Thomassen

Street art culture has always moved relatively apart from the established art world. your-space presents this scene in an exhibition and honours it with a publication.

Unique to the Eindhoven street art scene is the combination of localism and globalism. The scene is broad, in the sense that it encompasses various age and style streams, but at the same time it is closely-knit because of long-standing bonds of solidarity. Unlike in other cities, the Eindhoven street scene is characterised by a typically Brabant, easy-going, artistic/creative-oriented cohesion.

This scene has succeeded in creating an international profile for itself, precisely because of its unique local existence. Large numbers of works from Eindhoven can be admired from Lisbon to Berlin, in the Palais de Tokyo and elsewhere, and in all major international street art books. 

An initiative of Erosie, Crackrock, and Space3. Supported by Freek Lomme, curator your-space.