Plug In - Re-imagining the collection

Zaaloverzicht Lily van der Stokker en gast: HW Werther - Plug In #38, Van Abbemuseum, 2008. Foto Peter Cox

Plug In Re-imagining the collection

08/04/2006 - 27/11/2009
Curators: Charles Esche, Christiane Berndes

From April 2006 until November 2009, the presentation of the museum’s collection will be constantly re-imagined through a series of independent, unitary exhibitions in the galleries of the new building. The entire exhibition series is called Plug In. Each space contains a single, specific ‘episode’ of Plug In. Each Plug In has its own number and time span within the whole programme.

The dynamic approach of Plug In fits the labyrinthic structure of the new buidling, as well as the museums ambition to present the collection from new and challenging perspectives. Artists and guest curators are invited to present their own Plug In edition. By doing so, new contrasts between the different rooms will continuously emerge, leading to new stories time and again. Plug In does not only refer to the modular structure of the series of presentations, it is also an invitation to the visitor to 'plug in' according to a self chosen order and to activate their imagination.

Concept Plug In

Christiane Berndes, Charles Esche


Christiane Berndes and guests


Plug In has been realised in part by a contribution of the Mondriaan Foundation.

Plug In consists of :