Positions: Conversations

Positions, Céline Condorelli, photo Peter Cox
Positions Lawrence Abu Hamdan Photo Peter Cox 0686
Positions, Céline Condorelli, photo Peter Cox

Positions: Conversations

14:00 - 17:00

artists discussing their ideas and research

As part of the exhibition Positions artists Céline Condorelli and Lawrence Abu Hamdan will discuss the ideas and research that are formative to their projects in the exhibition. Discussions will be in English.

2 pm: The Weird Charismatic Power that Capitalism has for Teenagers

Céline Condorelli and philosopher Johan Hartle (Assistant Professor for Philosophy of Art and Culture at the department of Philosophy, University of Amsterdam) will be talking together about men, freedom, solidarity, labour, minds and bodies; they will continue from their last conversation, which appears as the first chapter of Condorelli's book, The Company She Keeps.
Location: old building, room 5.

3.30 pm: Lawrence Abu Hamdan, in conversation with curator Nick Aikens

Abu Hamdan will present a series of audio and film excerpts from recent and ongoing research in Cairo and the Shouting Valley on the Israeli, Palestinian, Syrian border, exploring how audibility and listening is a useful probe into who's rights and politics become constituted and performed.
Location: new building, Studio.