Psychology of Greed - lecture by dr. Terri Seuntjens

dr. Terri Seuntjens
Maryam Jafri, Generic Corner, 2015.
Maryam Jafri, Product Recall. Installation view Van Abbemuseum, 2016. Photo Marcel de Buck
thursday evening open

Psychology of Greed lecture by dr. Terri Seuntjens

19:00 - 20:30
linked to the exhibition Positions #3
In the exhibition Positions #3 four young contemporary artists show us the world through their eyes. Maryam Jafri, Natasja Kensmil, Rossella Biscotti and Duncan Campbell are researchers of societal phenomena in the present and in the past. Social scientists are using different methods to look into our world as well. This is why we have invited two researchers to reflect on topics addressed in the exhibition, in collaboration with the Academic Forum of the University of Tilburg.
  • 19 January: Rituals, religion and colonization by dr. Wouter van Beek
  • 23 February: Psychology of Greed by dr. Terri Seuntjes

Psychology of Greed

In two of her works, Product Recall and Generic Corner, artist Maryam Jafri researches failed product launches and package designs throughout history. In her work she looks into how marketeers try to influence the consumer brain, and how societal developments create a demand for a new product. And, how social events can suddenly destroy the power of a product name. Dr. Terri Seuntjes, assistant professor at the University of Tilburg is one of the few researches on the topic of greed; what is it? What are people greedy for? What triggers greed? In her lecture Psychology of Greed she tries to answer these and other questions. 

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