Public activity drawing "long Thursday" - Part of The Big Draw

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Public activity drawing "long Thursday" Part of The Big Draw

17:00 - 21:00

Come draw with us in the museum!

In the beginning of October the second edition of The Big Draw Eindhoven will be organised. The drawing festival will take part for four days from Thursday morning 1 October until Sunday evening 4 October. Artists, drawers, designers, architects but also schools, health institutions, living corporations, community centers, shops... everybody that wants to can participate in October 2015 and organise interesting drawing workshops, demonstrations or expositions for young and old. The drawing activities take place across Eindhoven: in neighbourhoods, artist working spaces and in the public domain. Every body can draw!

On Thursday 1 October artist Gam Bodenhausen invites everyone to come draw with her as one of the projects that will be organised during The Big Draw. This will take place from 5pm to 9pm and people of all ages van participate. It will be held in several places in the museum, we gather at 5pm at the cash desk. There are no special entrance fees; just the regular museum ticket fees.

You can read more about The Big Draw here.