Queer Book Club - Read books and get together with other LGBTQIA/otherwise queer identifying folks!


Queer Book Club Read books and get together with other LGBTQIA/otherwise queer identifying folks!

11:30 - 13:30
Queer Book Club

The Queer Book Club is a meet-up for LGBTQIA and/or otherwise queer identifying folks to get together and read books together, talk about them, and socialise. (We won't discriminate against any straight allies that may want to participate) We will continue to meet on the third Saturday of the month in the Werksalon in the Van Abbemuseum (2nd floor in the collection building)

11:15: Drop In at the Werksalon with coffee and tea

11:30 Queer Book Club starts

12:30 Queer Book Club ends.

12:30 - 13:30 Queer Book Club hang out time / visit the museum / stay around for a chat /

The queer book club will read parts of novels and academic texts, but might also incorporate podcasts, video-content and other media-channels depending on the suggestions added by the participants. Please feel free to offer suggestions for books, texts or other content to read, listen to or watch. In this way we hope to be inclusive, not overly academic and get to a large variety of information; a great starting point for discussions. It is a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to books and genres that we may not otherwise read on our own. If one hasn't been able to read/watch/hear the suggested content please feel invited to join anyways!

The reading group is not facilitated by a specific person, however Claire O’brien will be the facilitator through out the first two events, and from April onwards the roles will rotate for the last three sessions. If you are interested in facilitating a Book Club session, please let us know.

Books read in this group will include multiple genres, and group participants will help decide what books will be read by suggesting titles to be added to an ongoing list that you can find in this Padlet Link.

The Padlet works as a discussion board for the suggestions and content of the QBC. We will also post in the discussion page here on facebook when reads/content has been collected and selected. Please share your thoughts here or in Padlet in the meantime!

This event is free of charge and the first meetings will be in English.

The Queer Book Club was initiated by Claire O’brien and is co-organised by the Van Abbemuseum. Here is a link for the meet-up info. You can also find this event on our facebook.