Queering Session #1 - The Fashion Session

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thursday evening open

Queering Session #1 The Fashion Session

18:30 - 21:00
Thursday Evening Open
Queer: everything that is deviant, and cannot be labeled. Where 2 or more perspectives meet and intersect, new stories and directions occur. In Queering the Collection and the Qwearing tool we take a queer look at the collection, but in 2017 we are taking things a step further. We’re exploring the world outside the museum. Through performances, workshops, screenings and discussions we invite you to the sessions on fashion, company culture, parenthood etc.

The notion of gender in fashion has been in flux for a long time. Is it possible that masculinity and femininity as defined categories has played out it’s role? Is the appliances of genderbending just a wave of smart marketing or is it truly an emancipation of LGBTQ experiences? The power of the camera lens and the action of remediating has become more intricate. What does it do to our self-image? Several speakers and performances will try to scavenge this huge topic for methods of emancipation. 

Speakers and performers are (amongst others): 

For this event you need a regular museum entrance ticket. On Thursday nights regular fees apply. Students have free entrance from 17.00 hrs (bring your student card), and with a Eindhoven City Pass you receive 50% discount. 

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