Queering Session - #4 Sports

thursday evening open

Queering Session #4 Sports

18:30 - 21:00

This evening we will dive deeper into the subversive realms of sports led by Željko Blaće with the contribution of Caitlin Fisher. Participants will have a chance to learn about illegal Synchronized Swimming for men, heteronorming and sexing of Football or queering of Sport Spectacles. 

This QueerSport.LAB session will be used to inform on affairs in sport (LGBT/Queer) activism/campaigning and inspire thinking/acting through artistic projects. Artists like Tom Weller (Berlin), Jason Hall (Brighton) and Željko Blaće (Zagreb) initiated unconventional sport communities, that foster queer emancipation and expression against prevailing homophobia and gender discrimination in mainstream sport. 

We will look at videos, installations, interventions and community building projects, but also at academic research and media coverage of different topics. We will also experience a sport activity in a creative, critical, experimental and participatory way.

ZELJKO BLACE (born in SFR Yugoslavia, roaming Europe) (in-)consistently working in(-between) contemporary culture, politics and sport, by cross-pollinating (queer) methodologies, (media) technologies, (community) practices in diverse roles as an artist, activist, researcher, producer, designer, curator... 
He is a co-founder of Multimedia Institute/MaMa and qSPORT/QueerSport in Croatia; researcher @Jan van Eyck Academie PatchingZone.nl PhDArts.eu in the Netherlands; recently working in Belgium with Timelab.org ConstantVzw.org 
and in Germany with Telekommunisten.net BerlinerGazette.de ...

CAITLIN FISHER (born in USA, based in Berlin) queer activist, researcher and organizer. She was a professional football player in Brazil for Santos FC, co-founder the Guerreiras Project with her teammates as part of confronting gender prejudice in the women's game. In her ethnographic work, she focused on gender justice, capitalism, the body, and futebol tied to art and performance based on experiences as international pro athlete (Brazil, Sweden, USA). Click here for more info about Caitlin Fisher.

Caitlin and Zeljko co-initiated ccSPORT group for the exhibition project 'Contesting/Contexting SPORT 2016' in nGbK and KunstraumKreuzberg/Bethanien, with program at five locations in Berlin ranging from SchwulesMuseum to KitKatClub. 
QueerSport is featured in the Arte Util archive of projects


17:00 Walk in: Qwearing the Collection
18:00 QueerSport.Lab
20:30 Time for drinks
21:00 Museum closes

This programme will be in English and is free if you are a student or have a Museum Card. Otherwise you need to have a valid museum entrance ticket: with a city pass it’s €6, with an Eindhoven library card it's €9. The regular museum ticket price is €12.

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