Queering Session #3 Colleagues - It's business time!

thursday evening open

Queering Session #3 Colleagues It's business time!

17:00 - 20:30

It’s business time!

The third edition of the Queering Sessions will dive into the office space, co-worker situations and the constant strive for personal development. Today we are living in a working environment that is in flux. We work in offices and cafés, from home and even when we are on holiday. In economic terms we seem to be in a constant crisis and stress levels are rising like tidal waves. How are we then supposed to break through the glass ceiling and implement gender quotas?

We will try to figure out what way we can alter static situations, overcome fears of otherness and whether or not we should go to work at all. Can a queer business model even help to bring your company monetary success? And what does it mean to identify as LGBTIQ in a working space? Join us and you will find out! 

During the first part of the evening we will get into group dynamics through a workshop by Roberto Pérez Gayo who will provide some tools to reflect on relationships at work in regards to language, identity and personal surrounding. How are the ideas of being an intern, a boss or a regular office clerk shaped and manifested?

The second part of this evening is an Archive of Unraveling Stories. Usually archives are hidden and available only to a selected few, be them personal or professional. This temporary archive is based on the stories that you bring and is shared amongst the other archive members. Expertise and personal experiences are the essential elements that will carefully be opened up, looked at and reflected upon. What do you want to know about? What situations do you find yourself in at work and how do you deal with them? One of our archived stories is for instance represented by the business director of the Van Abbemuseum Anastasia van Gennip.


18:00 Walk in: Qwearing the Collection

18:30 Workshop by Roberto Pérez Gayo

20:00 Archive of Unraveling Stories

20:30 Time for drinks

This programme will be in English and is free if you are a student or have a Museum Card. Otherwise you need to have a valid museum entrance ticket: with a city pass it’s €6, with an Eindhoven library card it's €9. The regular museum ticket price is €12. Check our Facebook page for the latest updates. 

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