Queering Session - #5 Party Soiree Club

thursday evening open

Queering Session #5 Party Soiree Club

15:00 - 23:00
Let's throw a party

To celebrate an amazing spring full of subversive fun we would like to invite you to the final Queering Session of this season we are taking over various parts of the museum to throw a good party. In this past half year have we enjoyed fashion, toys and parenthood, colleagues and co-workers and queer sports. The Queer Media Club by Mediahuijs Eindhoven has shown and questioned what the L, G, B, T, and Q looks like in the media. For this night we’ve invited old and new acquaintances to do performances, screenings, cabaret, dj-sets, glitters, vj-sets and much more.

Together with the Young Art Crowd we will enjoy a Musée Manger in the museum at 18:00, please bring a bite of your choice and then we have some foodie times before the evening program starts!

Info Contributors

Josh Woolford is based in Berlin and/or the NL and works around themes of identity. Woolfords interventions are often related to personal stories exploring the boundaries of belonging, dependence vs. freedom and the perception of the body.

Sven Signe den Hartogh is a award-winning and multidisciplinary artist, creating out of the endless need for self-expression. In his work he combines exploring magic with reality, bridging the gap between this world and the unknown. He believes that we are very disconnected from our true self and strives to make the concerns of art relevant to individuals. Art, for him, is all based on feelings, using your heart, eyes and hands to create.

Renee Mes is a dutch designer specialized in installation and spatial design.
Social research is a key element to her projects, she uses the outcome of it to visualize the subject and translate that as an inspiration for her design. Combined with her colorful graphical language this results in intriguing experiences.

The conceptional approach is complex and difficult to narrow down.. It deals with dressing up as a whore-clown, getting real wasted and insulting people.

Over the past five months the Mediahouse Eindhoven, comprised of Lotte Monfrooij, Karlijn de Groot en Brendan Vos, organized the Queer Media Club. Small meetings meant to talk freely about what media means to someone in an LGBTQ-context. Every meeting several special guests joined them, including amongst others Angelique Spaninks, Jorge Alves Lino, Bart Hess, Govert Flint, Eva Sara Vromans, Lillia Scheerder and Nicky Liebregts. Together they learned and played with the meaning and contextualizations of modern media artefacts, ranging from Sex and the City to Virginia Woolf.

With an energetic mix of Persian pop, Arabic funk and Middle-Eastern hiphop HENK & FATIMA aka Joost Koster and Narges Mohammadi make you sweat hummus on the dance floor. Immerse yourself in a dizzying trip along the best oriental hits.

Producer, Maker... Performer…..Dj ”The world is dying from day one” yEs!yEs!) is based in Den Haag. His mission is to perform, and music - hard outrageous, gutsy, glamorous music - is the midwife. Den Haag is a strange city; one with a sedate provincial aspect that can pin the brightest butterfly on its wheel forever, but one that is a street corner away from a good kicking. YesPinkPink confronts both with his music and video work. Taking in his work, any of it, whether live or recorded, is some ride. A juxtaposition of his inner Wyrd, GenderAnomalies and an audio-visual car crash of what YesPinkPink sees as his "annoying opposites", both sound and vision are smeared on your consciousness like chocolate spread on the cheapest white bread.



De Studio
13:00 - 19:00 Sven Signe Hartog - I am Yours (2017) Participatory Performance

Museum Café
15:00 - 21:00 René Mes - S. D. N. - sexual diversity in the Netherlands (2016) Photography

Het Oog
17:00 - 21:00 Josh Woolford - More Than Wasted (2017) Performance

Museum Café
15:00 - 21:00 yEs!yEs! - Performance Capture - Green Screen

Program Museum Café:

18:30 Musé Manger picnic

20:00 Best of the Queer Media Club

20:30 Miss Taken


21:45 yEs!yEs!

23:00 - Afterparty Pallaz
Just around the corner and discount on drinks if you have your Van Abbe entrance sticker!

Besides the evening program in the Museum Café you can experience the performance of the artist and photographer Sven Signe Hartog during the whole afternoon and evening. The empowering photographs made by Renée Mes puts the prejudice language sometimes used to describe LGBTQ people in relation to fluid and strong ways of expressing identity. Also - dont miss out on ‘More Than Wasted’ by Josh Woolford, and the green screen captures of yEs!yEs! and Jutu in the Museum Café!

This programme will be in English and is free if you are a student or have a Museum Card. Otherwise you need to have a valid museum entrance ticket: with a city pass it’s €6, with an Eindhoven library card it's €9. The regular museum ticket price is €12.

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