Rabo kunst op de Dommel

The String Soloists
Rabo Kunst op de Dommel - Routekaart
Pond Battery van Rasa Smite en Raitis Smits

Rabo kunst op de Dommel

22/05/2016 - 05/06/2016

inspired by energy, technology and music

Rabo Kunst op de Dommel ('Art at the Dommel') wants to make you aware of the exceptional force of renewable energy sources. Via technical innovations we can already use this energy, for example to make music! From the 22nd of May till the 5th of June, various artworks are inspired by energy, technology and music to bring you the music of the Dommel.

The works of art are located in and around the river, connecting the High Tech Campus with the Eindhoven University of Technology. This route of artworks consists of sound producing, music making, moving and squeaking installations that will draw your attention to come closer. Join us, follow the river, and listen to the positive energy of the Dommel!

At the Van Abbemuseum:

Sunday 22 May, 14.30 - 17.00: Performance Lisa Jacobs and the String Soloists

Master violist Lisa Jacobs is inspired by Bio‐Art, the Dommel and the museum's artworks in a performance at the Karel 1 Museumcafé, accompanied by her string orchestra the String Soloists.

Pond Radio by Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits

Pond Radio installation consists of outdoor microbial fuel cells that generates electricity from the bacteria living in the mud. Bio‐electricity generation process is interpreted into live sound and image structures, providing an esthetic perspective whereby making audible and visible the invisible activity in a river.
Van Abbemuseum, indoors and outdoors
Accessible free of access the full two weeks, exept for Mondays (museum closed)


Rabo Kunst op de Dommel is organized by festival Muziek op de Dommel (4 and 5 June 2016, TU/e Campus, Eindhoven), in collaboration with the Bosch Parade (16, 18 and 19 June, 's‐Hertogenbosch) and the Brandstore Eindhoven. Partners are the Van Abbemuseum, Baltan Laboratories, MAD Emergent Art Center.
De Art Route is sponsored by Rabobank Eindhoven‐Veldhoven, High Tech Campus, the Art of Impact, Coöperatie Streekontwikkeling Boven‐Dommel and Waterschap de Dommel.