Rabo Museum Kids Week

Theaterrondleiding. Foto: Perry van Duijnhoven
Theaterrondleiding met tolk
Kinderkunstclub Foto Bram Saeys
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Rabo Museum Kids Week

17/10/2015 - 01/11/2015

A week full of art for kids

There will be a special museum kids week during the autumn break. In this week there are extra activities organised for children in elementary school.


Saturday 17 October
12:00-15:00 Connecting workshop
14:00-16:00 Family Art Club

Saturday 24 October
14:00-16:00 Children’s Art Club

Sunday 25 October
11:30-12:15 Theatrical Tour English
13:00-13:45 Theatrical Tour Dutch

Wednesday 28 October
13:00-13:45 Theatrical Tour Dutch

Saturday 31 October
14:00-16:00 Children’s Art Club

Sunday 1 November
13:00-13:45 Theatrical Tour With Interpreter

12:30 Mini-tour
14:30 Mini-tour

Little Bug Kuso

Connecting workshop
Artists’ collective Connecting is frequently found in the halls of the exhibition The Collection Now. They invite you to participate in mini workshops, games, chats and a lot more. It is free to participate in one of the activities for young and old!

Family Art Club
This club is especially for the whole family. Together you will look at art and later on you will make some art. This course is a variety of learning and doing, in a fun way!

Every Family Art club has its own new theme and a new challenging assignment. All themes are connected with the exhibition The Collection Now.

After you’ve visited the museum you will be making your own artwork together. Let your imagination run free and discover the true artists within yourselves! Afterwards you can take your artwork home with you.

Admittance is € 6,- per child at the museum counter. With every child, one parent is admitted for free.

Make a reservation for 17 October. For more information look here.

Children’s Art Club
Are you between 6 and 10 years old? Do you enjoy looking at paintings, but mostly enjoy painting yourself? Come to the Children’s Art Club. Every meeting of the Children's art club is guided by two museum teachers and every week there is a different subject. There is a group limit of 20 children. The costs are  € 6,- per child.

Make a reservation for 24 October. More info on this Children's Art Club.
Make a reservation for 31 October. More info on this Children's Art Club.

Theatrical tour
During the theatrical tour wondrous things will happen. A forgotten and dusty painting breaks out of its frame to commence on a voyage of discovery. It’s a portrait of the eccentric H.H. van Abbe, a distant relative of Henri van Abbe. She is made of the most beautiful pastel shades and searches for her own personal place in the wall. While searching, she discovers a whole new world of artworks. Inconceivable forms, surprising colours and images. Everything tells a different story. Which is sometimes very hi ha hilarious…

The tour is for every family member. The costs are €3,- per person (excluding entrance), children under 5 years old are for free.

Make a reservation for 25 October (English). More info on this Theatrical tour. 
Make a reservation for 25 October (Dutch). More info on this Theatrical tour.
Make a reservation for 28 October (Dutch). More info on this Theatrical tour
Make a reservation for 1 November (Dutch with interpreter). More info on this Theatrical tour.

Little bug Kuso
Little Bug Kuso is ready for a new adventure! He’s looking for art experts who can help him crack the secret code. Look for clues together with him and discover special artworks along the way in the collection exhibit.

Waiting for you at the museum counter is a small suitcase filled with all that you need to find all the clues in the exhibition The Collection Now.

This Do-It-Yourself tour is free of charge. More info.

Every day of the week there is a mini-tour planned. During these tours you will pass by the highlights of the collection. The mini-tours are daily at 12:30 and 14:30. You can register at the information desk of the museum (you do not need to make a reservation in advance).
More information on guided tours.

Do you want to discover more? The Rabo Museum Kids Week will take place from the 17th of October till the 1st of November in every museum in the Netherlands. For more information visit their website museumkidsweek.nl